Card Stack

Cards stack on top of each other after some interval. Perfect for showing testimonials.

These cards are amazing, I want to use them in my project. Framer motion is a godsend ngl tbh fam 🙏

Manu Arora

Senior Software Engineer

I dont like this Twitter thing, deleting it right away because yolo. Instead, I would like to call it so that it can easily be confused with adult sites.

Elon Musk

Senior Shitposter

The first rule ofFight Club is that you do not talk about fight club. The second rule ofFight club is that you DO NOT TALK about fight club.

Tyler Durden

Manager Project Mayhem

I implemented this style of testimonial for the footer of Moonbeam website and first saw it on I wanted to make it reusable and hence this component was born.

Perfect for showcasing testimonials or quotes. The constantly moving cards are eye-catching and make the page look more dynamic.

Code Snippet

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