Text Generate Effect

A cool text effect that fades in text on page load, one by one.

Meri Ek taang nakli hai, Mai hockey ka bohot bada khiladi tha. Ek din Uday bhai ko meri kisi baat pe gussa aagaya aur mere he hockey se meri taang ke do tukde kar diye..... Lekin dil ke bohot ache hai, Fauran mujhe hospital le gaye aur ye nakli taang lagwayi. -- bas bas bas ballu

I first tried to build this effect on Algochurn's Landing Page and it turned out to be an awesome addition to the landing.

This is also called a Typewriter Effect.

Here, the text fades in one by one, and the effect is achieved using framer-motion.

This is taken from Approv's implementation. His stackblitz is here

PS: I didn't want to use lorem ipsum for the copy so I made it a little more serious.

Code Snippet

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