Sticky Scroll Reveal

A sticky container that sticks while scrolling, text reveals on scroll

Collaborative Editing

Work together in real time with your team, clients, and stakeholders. Collaborate on documents, share ideas, and make decisions quickly. With our platform, you can streamline your workflow and increase productivity.

Real time changes

See changes as they happen. With our platform, you can track every modification in real time. No more confusion about the latest version of your project. Say goodbye to the chaos of version control and embrace the simplicity of real-time updates.

Version control

Experience real-time updates and never stress about version control again. Our platform ensures that you're always working on the most recent version of your project, eliminating the need for constant manual updates. Stay in the loop, keep your team aligned, and maintain the flow of your work without any interruptions.

A cool tailwind css scroll effect where when the user scrolls, the background changes. Also the sticky container stays there, perfect for showing images of products or features. The text reveals focusing on the current section.

To use colors from tailwind like --slate-900, add the below plugin into your tailwind.config.js file

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